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Re: [APD] Re: Re: High water evaporation in a planted aquarium

For Amano, it's not merely hobby.  It's an aquatics art
business, it's an aquarium equipment business; it's lots
more than a mere hobby for him.  Still, I don't see how
that makes the water changes prudent or not.

And yes, of course, folks get pretty darn consistent
results without such massive and frequent water changes. 

It's not as if the secret to Amano's art is the water
changes -- or a few folks I know of would have gone in for
the changes long ago.

I'm sure there are some.  Who wants to do, or does, 50%
changes twice a week on a regular basis?

Scott H.
--- Stephan Mifsud <valerandi at nextgen_net.mt> wrote:
> Scott said re Amano's water replacements:

> >"Thank goodness there are so many other examples with
> lesser
> replacement of water involved."
> But are they _Consistently_ excellent? That's my point.
> Scott, why do you think Amano goes through all that
> trouble?
> I'm sure he has plenty of aquariums to take care of, and
> he
> does'nt seem to be leaving the hobby any time soon.

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