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Re: [APD] Re: High water evaporation in a planted aquarium -- orWhoChanged the Water?

Scott, two interesting names :)

As for water, I made a few presumptions myself. On reflection I would reckon
Mark's chances of running a self balancing top up tank depend a lot on the
quality of the top up water. But you are right it doesnt have to be RO, if
he has a supply of rainwater or very soft groundwater that would help a lot
I expect. And if he keeps tabs on the hardness and the pH especially he will
be watching the things that matter, back to empiricism, try it and see. If
it gets out of kilter he can change the water, simple enough.

Fish and plants act as indicators too.

Robert though disagreeing, has a point in that water change dogma has its
roots in advising novice fish keepers who often have a tendency to overfeed
and dont yet grasp how to keep a tank alive. I know I had a few disasters
starting out and at that stage would not have succeeded. With respect that
argument holds no water (scuse me lol) for a practiced fishkeeper who has
learned to avoid nitrite surges, knows their fish and has a well established
tank. Mark's question is in my opinion a good one which many aquarium
keepers seem to ask themselves as their competance developes. And you are
right IMHO there are many ways to skin a cat. I was trying to provide a
coherent explanation for Mark but perhaps I think perhaps I stifled the old
lateral thinking too much in the process.

Richard ;)

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