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[APD] WANTED: Roommate for the AGA2k3

Hey all,
Anybody looking to save money and get a rommate for
the aga this year? The deadline is quickly coming and
I just wanted to see if there were any people looking
for a roommate but didn't know whom to ask. I'm in
need of a roomate!!! Here's some info: 

I'm a student at the University of Texas at Austin and
am working for a Bio B.S. degree in marine biology. I
play soccer, watch football, listen to jazz, and play
video games. I'm an easy going guy, unless i'm tired
then i'm real bad at listening. I've been doing
aquaria for 10+ years and planted tanks for 3-4. I'm
21 years old and loving every minute of it. Oh yea,
i'm also chinese :). That should cover almost
everything. hope to hear from someone soon, adios,

david lim

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