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[APD] Re: hairgrass lawnmower

After many months, my 4" Ancistrus started eating hairgrass but only in the
same small patch. At first I thought the one patch just wasn't doing well.
Then I saw the fat little guy munching on it one day.
I tried to buy him off with string beans and peas but he persists in his
choice of hairgrass.


> Message: 5

> Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 10:23:50 GMT
> I have one, but I'm not sure what it looks like.  My 10g has Ancistrus and
> AFF, the two main suspects.  The hairgrass went from 3" to 2" to 1/4" in about
> a week, so whoever it is, their discovery of tastiness of hairgrass is a
> recent discovery.
> My money's on the Ancistrus.  What does anyone think?  Who's mowing my lawn?
> James Brady

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