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[APD] planted tank seeking cichlids....

Sorry about the slightly off-topic post, but I'm not sure what other forum is the right place to post this query, and the tank in question IS planted.....
I have a 29G planted tank, currently lightly brackish water, that is about to become a strictly freshwater tank, as I'm now down to one orange chromide (from the 8 juveniles I started out with).  The chromides were my first attempt at keeping and spawning cichlids, and I'd like to try again with a mild-mannered dwarf cichlid that will be tolerate my tapwater chemistry (moderately soft St. Louis city water, dechlorinated, with added CO2 and pH 6.8-7); kind to the aquascaping (which is just now starting to look pretty nice despite the bit of salt in the water); and mild-mannered with their tankmates (right now they'd share with a pair of cories, one lonely male notho, and a few small livebearers; while I have room to be flexible on who they share the tank with, I don't have the space to put them solo in a species tank, unless I used a 10g tank).  
My impression so far is that apistos are probably not a good idea as a "starter" cichlid; most other central and south american dwarfs prefer soft, acid water; and african dwarfs like kribs may be too aggressive to keep with other tankmates, at least when spawning.  
Have I overlooked a great mellow cichlid that I should try in this tank?
Diane Brown in St. Louis
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