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[APD] Re: High water evaporation in a planted aquarium

At 03:55 AM 9/21/2003, James asked:
 Dave Gomberg wrote
I agree completely, Mark.  I have been doing this for several years and
have not done a water change.  I also use a UGF.  Works like a
charm.  Altho I need to put some MTS back, as they went away a few years
ago when I added clown loaches.

What sort of tank are you able to get away with this on? High/low light, CO2/no CO2?

50 gallon tall (see two years ago AGA Landscaping Showcase). 2x96w AHSupply CF, CO2 (Gomberg system), all fish are algae eaters (black ruby barbs, otos, C. hastatus) so I don't feed either (they eat the algae). There are a few red ramshorn snails in there too.

Plants are various crypts, some straggler swords, lots of Anubias coffeefolia and Windelov java fern. Not very consistently ethnic (mix of SE Asia and Africa and SA). I take out about a pound of plants a month. I add NO3, K, PO4, SO3, and TMG. The secret is the San Francisco water which is pretty close to distilled. I top up about 1-2 gallons a week.

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