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[APD] focus in technical discussions

Scott Hieber wrote:
> Steve Pushak wrote:
> >
> > Do you follow the convention that if you keep the same
> > subject line,
> > you're on the same topic but if you have a new subject
> > line, you get to have
> > a new thread? Netiquette should be the thread originator
> > gets to clarify
> > what "his" question or hypothesis was. D'accord?
> Personally, I think whoever is posting should and does make
> whatever subject line they please, depending on what they
> intend to communicate.

Hi Scott,

I agree; we should feel free to change the subject line especially if it
doesn't make it hard for everyone to follow a discussion. ;-)

Discussion shifts can be amusing, interesting, educational or problematic.

Sometimes a worthy discussion gets bogged down when there get to be too many
tangential questions. Its hard to figure out exactly what we're all talking

I like to see information seeker satisfied they've found out what they
wanted to know.

Do the majority agree that the originator should have the right to clarify
their question if they're not satisfied with the responses or if the
discussion seems to have become muddled?


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