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[APD] L glandulosa PO4-deficiency?

Hi folks!

History: I've always have had trouble with Cyanobacteria until
I with meticulous care started to PO4-limit my aquarium with
good NO3- and Fe-levels (JBL-tests are great!). The Cyanos
went away pretty fast and I've kept the PO4 unmeasurable
since then (a couple of months).

But now it seems I've hit the phosphorus-wall.

It starts like this in L. glandulosa, day 1:
Day 2:

Other L. glandulosa leaves:

H. polysperma:

L. arcuata:

NO3-levels are kept with KNO3, and measured as 5-15 ppm.
Fe-levels are dosed at, and measured as never under 0.05 ppm.
PO4-levels have been unmeasurable quite some time now.

Alkalinity 2-3 (I havn't gone to the bottom with this yet - sorry).
pH 6.5.

Overall appearance of the tank is very good, growth have been extremely
good but now only H. polysperma seems to grow.

I dosed 2 ml KH2PO4 (2 teaspoons in 200 ml water) yesterday - so
now I hope this will end.

Could it be any other deficiency/limitation?

// Daniel.
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