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Re: [APD] Peat in substrate -- Impedes in Subjects

That works better on boards/formums than mail lists.  On
boards/forums everythig is tucked into a proper cubby in
the hierarchy of discussion.  Tends to focus discussion,
which might or might not be a good thing -- certainly it's
a matter of taste.

Things don't work that way in the APD archives.  Searches
bring up all kinds of stuff that supposedly is next in
thread but really isn't and vice versa.  And subjects roam,
wander, develop.  YOu never know where a thread will take
you.  I've looked at thousands and nothing truer about APD
threads than that.  And that's why APD is more interesting,
it's more like a group conversation (with lots of minglers
at the party) and less like a lecture, imo.

Personally, I think whoever is posting should and does make
whatever subject line they please, depending on what they
intend to communicate.

Life is a carnival -- have some fun ;-) 

Scott H.

--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:
> PS Do you follow the convention that if you keep the same
> subject line,
> you're on the same topic but if you have a new subject
> line, you get to have
> a new thread? Netiquette should be the thread originator
> gets to clarify
> what "his" question or hypothesis was. D'accord?

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