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[APD] Icecap fan

Hey Scott, I wish I had been hiding, it would have been much less work!  Due
to overzealous val pruning, I have had the "pleasure" of breaking my fully
stocked 92 gallon discus tank completely down so I could replace my cables
and put it right back up.  If you must cut power cords, never ever cut the
one on your undergravel cables!

For what it is worth, don't think that leaving all your gravel out on a tarp
and dry along with the driftwood in 90 degree heat for 36 hours (4 days for
the wood) will kill cladophora.  Apparently, it won't.  After scraping the
one section on the driftwood and keeping it in full sun, that mess came
right back.  Just add water.

My Icecap fan runs at night because I didn't read the specs that closely and
thought it actually cut off when the temperature hit a certain level.  It
doesn't so I am essentially just wasting energy at night, I should probably
put it on a timer.


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