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[APD] High water evaporation in a planted aquarium

I know theres no getting around water changes....but

I am curious.  The main reason for water changes, is to get nitrates etc out
of the tank water, and to replenish it with new water with nutients etc...

In a plant tank though, plants use a lot of those 'bad' things you are
trying to take out with the water changes...phosphates, nitrates, not sure
what else.   So it appears as the main reason for a water change in a
planted tank, is more for replenishment then removal?  I am probably wrong

My tank evaporates about 5 gallons a week.   Since the plants are using the
fish waste etc to grow (hopefully), and I am adding 5 gallons of new water a
week (20 gallons in a month, 75 gallon tank)....Do I still need to do big
water changes?   I know it's a silly question because theres no avoiding
water changes, but I am curious as to how evaperation on that scale (5
gallons a week or more is a lot IMHO) and replacment with fresh water
effects the big picture, since the plants use many of the 'bad' things you
are removing with a water change...

I think I just confused myself, hopefully someone will get the point I am
going after :)

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