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[APD] RE: Substrate

I think one of the big benefits of peat is that its going to provide CO2 for
systems that don't have high light & attendant high growth demands. I would
suggest about 10-50% content by volume which is about 1-5% by weight (check
me on this).

If you're planning on using laterite, you only need a little peat to help
chelate reduced iron in the substrate. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure
how much iron the laterite provides long term. (George is going to tweak my
toes for that comment). Isn't laterite the next thing to chemically inert as
you can get? Maybe its greatest attribute is in capturing & holding

Since you want to go high-tech with laterite, I suspect peat isn't going to
help you much and confuse you all the more when you try to measure hardness
& CO2 using test kits.

Steve P in rainy Vancouver (finally! after a hot, forest fire summer!)

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