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Re: [APD] RE: Begging limitless questions

Hmmmm, the question has become what question was Poe
answering.  lol.

This is good, instead of trying to sweep the question
aside, a little thought and discussion might be
illuminating.  Afterall, begging lots of questions is the
same as having all the best parts tacit -- and that's often
the same as a muddle.

Are the "Poe Condtions" typically met in a gardener's tank
-- all the nutrients and light a plant can use, such that
only it's "metabolism" controls it's speed of growth?

Or is some nutrient deficiency more likely to be the 
limiting factor in practical setups?  If so, it's
intersting to know which nutrient deficiencies (or perhpas
growth limiters) have which effects and appearances.  If
the Poe Conditions are not practical, then the growth
limits becme much less intersting to gardeners (perhaps
remaining intersting to academics).

Otoh, the "Pushak Conditions," -- all the nutrients a plant
can use, given the amount of light/enerygy it's getting to
process them -- seem easy enough to setup.  Surely slow
grow tanks meet the Pushak conditions, at least if you add

Tom B, do you think a 2-4 wpg tank with 20 ppm CO2 and your
recommended regimen of dosing/nutrient levels meets the Poe
Conditions?  The Pushak condtions?

George B, what do you think limits the growth of the plants
in your aquaria (aquariums)?  One thing, many things?

If one aims to avoided excesses of one or more growth
requirements, does one risk deficiencies -- or vice versa?

Scott H.
--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:
> [Cross posting to Crypts from APD.]
> Roger wrote:
> > Perhaps in some cases the growth rate is limited by the
> > genetic makeup of the
> > plant.  I doubt that accounts for very many limitations
> > because if it did
> > then we would never see variations in the growth rate.
> > The growth rate would
> > be a predetermined constant set by the plant's genetic
> > code.
> No, I think what Poe meant to say was that the growth
> rate is ultimately
> limited by the physiology of the plant which is
> determined by genetics. Also
> don't forget about Crypts which could be likely to get
> more nutrients &
> light than they can use. A simple doubling or tripling of
> chromosome pairs
> can produce a much faster growing plant. Crypts are
> genetically programmed
> to grow slowly! Do they do it using physiology or is
> there a trickier
> chemical limit? They must be doing it to exploit an
> ecological niche; low
> light?

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