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[APD] RE: Begging limitless questions

[Cross posting to Crypts from APD.]

Roger wrote:
> Perhaps in some cases the growth rate is limited by the
> genetic makeup of the
> plant.  I doubt that accounts for very many limitations
> because if it did
> then we would never see variations in the growth rate.
> The growth rate would
> be a predetermined constant set by the plant's genetic
> code.

No, I think what Poe meant to say was that the growth rate is ultimately
limited by the physiology of the plant which is determined by genetics. Also
don't forget about Crypts which could be likely to get more nutrients &
light than they can use. A simple doubling or tripling of chromosome pairs
can produce a much faster growing plant. Crypts are genetically programmed
to grow slowly! Do they do it using physiology or is there a trickier
chemical limit? They must be doing it to exploit an ecological niche; low

Steve P

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