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[APD] Red Pigment-K spectrum correlation experiment

Hi folks,

I'm gathering data on the correlation between red pigment in plants and the light spectrum they're provided in our aquariums.

I remember seeing the question many times "How do I get my plants to be more red?" The other day in class my prof. said something that clicked and got me thinking.

My hypothesis is this: Since a plant produces red pigments to capture blue light, then a plant grown under a higher K rating bulb (more blue light) should be more red than if it were grown under a lower K bulb.

Please make mention of a general percentage of how red your plants are. For example, a stand of Ludwigia repens may only have a little red at 5%, while 100% would be completely and vividly red. Right now I'm just trying to get anecdotal information from hobbyists since the environments in each individual aquarium is different than another this experiment isn't going to take into account variances in nutrition. All I'm interested in is spectrum rating. If you want to send NO3, CO2, and other measurements along for the ride I'll be happy to track those too for fun.


Phil Edwards
Charlotte, NC

PS: You did enter your tank in the AGA this year, didn't you? :)

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