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RE: [APD] Plantlets on Microsorum pteropus 'Windeløv'

"Eric Wahlig" <ewahlig at earthlink_net> wrote:
I am having the same problem with Bolbitis heudelotti, although I got it
from a fellow aquarist instead of mail-order. I've had it for almost a year
now and I can't get it to grow in any of my tanks. Hard water/soft water,
high light/low light, it doesn't matter. The Java fern grows fine. Lots of
other plants grow fine. Hate to bring up the "A" word again as we just had
a major bout of discussion on that recently.

It's kind of funny, because my Bolbitis in the same tank has been doing much
better than the Windeløv Java fern. When I got it, it had one large leaf. That
leaf turned black and crusty, but new leaves actually grew. It's still pretty
small after three months, but it's definitely making progress.

The Bolbitis seems to be fighting an additional disadvantage of being tasty.
I'm not sure exactly who has been munching on it, and I've never seen them do
it, but someone has definitely been enjoying it.

My Windeløv's plantlets are growing visibly faster than the original leaves.
Have you considered floating your Bolbitis to see if it'll form plantlets?
Maybe those plantlets would be healthier than the original.

- Jim

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