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RE: [APD] IceCap ballasts hype or not?

Daphne, don't feel too bad about losing things from lighting strikes.  When
you're talking about a force of nature that has just traveled a couple of
miles through thin air you begin to realize how futile it can be to protect
yourself 100% from lighting strikes.  For what it's worth though my old EE
roommate explained that having 2 surge protectors doesn't increase your
protection any more than having one.  Something to do with the way that
surge protectors "clamp" or something. *shrug*

Not exactly. Two protectors can help, since the idea is that when the first unit fails the second will still work. They don't give you the ability to handle one strike of twice the size though. Surge protectors work by effectively shorting the wire to ground and shorting out the surge. Large surges heat the protectors up enough to destroy components (I have a nice example of this from a lightning strike here).

If you have frequent problems with lightning you should consider a "whole house" protector -- and not one of the $20 hardware store units that are no different than a plug strip type unit. Polyphaser makes some good ones that are about $400. They rely on gas discharge tubes instead of MOVs, and can take much larger strikes many more times. Might be worth looking into if you've had a lot of lightning problems in the past.


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