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RE: [APD] Duckweed

Basically,  I turn off the filter and use a net as follows:

#1) Remove any floating plants that you want to keep. Fill a bucket with
water and repeatedly dunk these plants under water to remove any clinging
duckweed. Remove the duckweed that floats to the surface by skimming with a
fine mesh net. Inspect the plants and put them in a holding tank/bucket
when they are free of any duckweed. I recommend keeping these in the
holding tank for a while and not putting them back into the aquarium. There
is bound to be one small piece of duckweed that you missed. It will
eventually float to the surface where you can see (and remove) it. In
short: isolate these plants. Now back to the main aquarium you are trying
to clean up:

#2) Trim any plants that are near or touching the surface so that the only
thing floating on the surface is junk that you want to remove.

#3) Skim the surface of the aquarium with a fine mesh net. Actually I use a
course net to remove most of the larger debris, then I use a fine mesh net
to clean up the small stuff. After that I run my hands through the plants
making sure to dislodge any duckweed that may be sticking to them. The last
thing is to make sure none of it is residing in your filter. Then, when you
have removed all you can find and the surface of the water is clean, go
along the edges of the tank at the water surface and under the rim with a
brush to remove any that sticks there. Skim out with a fine mesh net. At
this point I use a brine shrimp net so nothing gets through; very fine mesh.

#4) Check the tank the next day (and daily after that) for any that you may
have missed. Look carefully! Check the corners and especially around the
filter area. Undoubtedly, you will find some more. Keep up the vigilance;
you can win the war! 

--- Eric

> Will somebody please please please give me suggestions for ridding my
tank of duckweed? I got it from a bunch of plants from my LFS, and it is
driving me crazy!
> Thanks in advance,
> Jennifer in Austin

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