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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 1, Issue 55

Two thoughts on this, first, plants can just mutate and this "sport" can be
noticed and propagated, like the marroon bluebonnets the Texas Aggies have
developed. Also, some plants can be chemically dwarfed, like dwarf hibiscus,
which will suddenly revert to normal growth after a season if not killed by
frost. I don't know if these could have been chemically dwarfed, but I guess
it is possible.

Ann Viverette
> My question are:  How can a dwarf form suddenly decide to grow like
> crazy?  And can one trim the leaves to at least stand straight up
> without fear of the entire leaf/plant dying?  Or, is it time to give
> away several pounds of plant material?
> .john
> John Stark
> Director of Marketing, Jupiter Systems

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