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RE: [APD] IceCap ballasts -- or - A surge of current interest

Where i live they've done a pretty good job of protecting
us from lighting effects in the power wires.  In effect,
they've put srge suppresors on the the trunk lines.  Now we
get momemtary blackouts instead of long term burnouts.

Remember to replace your surge protectors often if they
rely on metal oxide varistors (MOVs) for suppression --
Most of them do if they cost less than about a $100.

These devices can only suffer a few surges before they
become useless.  The higher the surge, the few the number
of times they can handle surges.  If you're getting zings
strong enough to metal fuseholders, the MOVs are probably
good for a half dozen jolts at most. They don't always show
that they are no longer effective, evn if you open up the
surge suppressors and visually inspect the things.

The advantage of MOVs is that they work (a limited number
of times) and only cost pennies to make.

Scott H.
--- "LeDeaux, David" <David_LeDeaux at tripointglobal.com>
> Daphne, don't feel too bad about losing things from
> lighting strikes.  When
> you're talking about a force of nature that has just
> traveled a couple of
> miles through thin air you begin to realize how futile it
> can be to protect
> yourself 100% from lighting strikes.  For what it's worth
> though my old EE
> roommate explained that having 2 surge protectors doesn't
> increase your
> protection any more than having one.  Something to do
> with the way that
> surge protectors "clamp" or something. *shrug*
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> Due to a nasty storm, something fried it so badly (yes, I
> have it on 2 surge
> protectors) the fuse assembly was completely melted
> together.  Icecap was
> top notch and even fixed it the day it arrived and had it
> back out to me the
> next morning.  Their tech support and customer service
> was outstanding.
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