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Re: [APD] IceCap ballasts hype or not?

Hi Daphne, where you been hiding?

You won't hear a decent electronic ballast -- it will be
operating at an very high if not inaudibly high frequency
-- anywhere from about 18,000 Hz to anywhere as high as
40,000 Hz or even 80,000Hz.

So-called magnetic ballasts operate at the same frequency
as the house power supply, in the US, 60 Hz.  That's about
one octave above the bottom end of what most of us can
hear, right where it and it's harmonics can get on your

Scott H.
--- Daphne Freeman <daphne_freeman at charter.net> wrote:
> I can comment on the Icecap ballasts with regards to
> metal halides.
> The 250 watt metal halide light over my tank utilizes an
> Icecap electronic
> ballasts.  I love it.  There is no noise and it only gets
> slightly warm.  

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