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[APD] Substrate

I am removing my substrate and undergravel filter. I have a 65 gallon
tank with a 1m*0.5m foot print or 0.31*0.16ft aprox. I use CO2 and
have 3wpg of common T8 bulbs.

I plan to remove the gravel and leave as much mulm as i can, it will
deposit after some time, it always does. :-)

>From what i have read on the archives, it is recommended to put a
small layer of peat. I found sphagnum peat moss.
It says
Professional formula
Ready to use
10 Lt don't know why the lt and not lb or kg. That is a lot just to
put a thin layer, current price 2.5 dollars. I will need 5 handful of
Is this peat good. Can i add it to a tank with water or the mess will
never settle down like the mulm. Or should i leave it out, i think a 9
month old tank will have a lot of mulm since i never vacuum.

Next I will get laterite, i think that is the correct name, here
they call it cucarrona. I remember using it once, and it never gets
clean. Can you get too much laterite, the lfs sells it in lb so i
don't know how much to get. But weight isn't useful, maybe should I
aim for a 1 in layer.

Next i will put quartz sand, the old gravel was too coarse. It has
a mesh number but i don't remember i think is #30, it looks like 1-2
mm in size. I bought 60 lbs of it, i am just waiting for the laterite
since they currently don't have any. will a 2-3 in layer be alright.

since there are a lot of approaches I tried to setup my tank with
whatever is available in my LFS following some recommendations.

Did i get it right, any help will be appreciated since i don't want to
mess with my substrate in a long time, maybe 20 yrs ;-) :-).


Diego Carmona

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