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Re: [APD] Duckweed

Grows fast doesn't it ;-)

Diligient skimming with a brine shrimp net works best, imo.
 Regular nets are too coarse and although they seem to
scoop up everything, they let little teeny tiny fragments
through that "sprout up" in a day or two or three.  This
has worked for me.  Get out as much as you can and repeat
this each day until unnecessary.  A couple days or so ought
to do it and after the first day the task is much much

Less Industrious Alternative: If the surface if clear of
obstructions, try running a small powerhead so that the
water stream runs into a fine net partly or nearly
completly submerged.  You only need enough water current to
get the duckweed moving.  An awful lot of the duckweed will
collect in the net.  Empty the net every so often.  Tidy up
with skiming manually, check corners, crevasses, etc. for
any stealthy hold outs.

Alsom, there's a zen to skimming duckweed.  Was on/Wax Off 
Wax on/Wax off  ;-) .  If your too young to recognize that
allusion, not to worry; wax really has nothing to do with

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- Jennifer Marshall <zephyr18 at ev1_net> wrote:
> Will somebody please please please give me suggestions
> for ridding my tank of duckweed? I got it from a bunch of
> plants from my LFS, and it is driving me crazy!
> Thanks in advance,
> Jennifer in Austin

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