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[APD] RE: Plantlets on Microsorum pteropus'Windelø v' ( bolbitis)

Eric Wahlig says that he is having problems getting his Bolbitis
heudelotti (of one year) to grow.

As a recent poster has responded, it takes a while for Bolbitis to
acclimatize. I made several attempts, only to have the plants blacken
with algae and slowly wither in a large, hot, bright tank. Eventually I
transferred a sprig to another cooler, low light tank. Once it became
established, it took off. Now it doubles in size every two to three
months. Presently it entirely fills a 72 gallon aquarium. I'll describe
the setup.

72 gallon tank (36"L x 18"W x 24"H)
no substrate
ph 6.8
KH 2 - 3
temp 24C - 25C
DIY CO2 fed into a Hagen Fluval 4
0.8 watts/gal cheap fluorescent lighting (1 daylight, 1 CW)
infrequent water changes

1 bristlenose
6 small fish (2 inches or less)

The tank is probably phosphate limited. There are 50 grams of dolomite
sprinkled on the bottom of the tank to maintain pH. PMDD is added

The Bolbitis coexists with anubias bartieri v. nana, microsorum pteropus
"windelov", java moss, and sagittaria. All plants do reasonably well.
The leaves are bright green, and the tank is virtually free of algae.

I am guessing that the good growth is due to low light, cool
temperature, high nitrate, CO2, and good water circulation. I got lucky.

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