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[APD] Re:Duckweed

Will somebody please please please give me suggestions for ridding my tank of duckweed? I got it from a bunch of plants from my LFS, and it is driving me crazy!
Thanks in advance,
Jennifer in Austin

Ducks eat it, so----. (Just kidding!) Goldfish eat it, but if you don't want to go that route, you have to clean it out by hand. This involves dipping out water with a bowl and pouring it through a fish net to capture the duckweed. You have to do this frequently. Each time you try to get all you can see. The next day, you get what you missed. Wait a few days and do it again to get the little fragments that have grown big enough to see or the little submerged plants that have managed to work their way back to the surface. You have to keep after it until you get the last bit and never give it time multiply. It is an advantage that it is a floating plant.
Paul Krombholz
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