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RE: [APD] "dwarf" val

The first problem is that "dwarf" is simply a sales pitch. I don't want
"dwarf" anything. I want the species name so I can do some research on it.
Unfortunately, most dealers can't give you a species name because they
bought it as "dwarf" whatever and even the wholesalers don't know what it
is really. In my opinion this is false advertising, but alas, it probably
is a dwarf compared to another species of the same genera. My suggestion on
anything "dwarf" is that if you can't positively ID it then buy some if you
want, try it, and accept the loss if it doesn't work out.

As far as trimming the leaves: Some people have recommended cutting them at
the surface but I have never had much luck with this method. The leaves
decay from the cut ends and look bad when I try this. The other method,
which is much more labor intensive, is to reach down to the base of the
longest leaves and pluck them one by one. I generally just rip it out and
either give it away or throw it away.   

--- Eric
>             I am not sure what the species of vallisneria I have in my
> tank (it could be spiralis, but I am not seeing the red markings
> described at Tropica)- but the bunch was purchased at Albany Aquarium
> here in the SF Bay Area - a very nice store for plants.  When purchased,
> though, it was described as a dwarf species that should not grow to more
> than 15-30cm long (straight, light green leaves). and indeed this was
> true for about 6 months as it propagated all over my small tank.  But,
> this dwarf val has now put out leaves that are close to 1m in length and
> is still growing.  In a 30g XT tank, this covers a lot of the top of the
> tank - much to the dismay of my Rotala Macrandra.
> My question are:  How can a dwarf form suddenly decide to grow like
> crazy?  And can one trim the leaves to at least stand straight up
> without fear of the entire leaf/plant dying?  Or, is it time to give
> away several pounds of plant material?
> John Stark

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