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[APD] "dwarf" val

Hello everyone,
            I am not sure what the species of vallisneria I have in my
tank (it could be spiralis, but I am not seeing the red markings
described at Tropica)- but the bunch was purchased at Albany Aquarium
here in the SF Bay Area - a very nice store for plants.  When purchased,
though, it was described as a dwarf species that should not grow to more
than 15-30cm long (straight, light green leaves). and indeed this was
true for about 6 months as it propagated all over my small tank.  But,
this dwarf val has now put out leaves that are close to 1m in length and
is still growing.  In a 30g XT tank, this covers a lot of the top of the
tank - much to the dismay of my Rotala Macrandra.
My question are:  How can a dwarf form suddenly decide to grow like
crazy?  And can one trim the leaves to at least stand straight up
without fear of the entire leaf/plant dying?  Or, is it time to give
away several pounds of plant material?
John Stark
Director of Marketing, Jupiter Systems
John Stark
Director of Marketing, Jupiter Systems
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