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Re: [APD] CO2 Meters, KH, PH...

Yes, you've got it right.  

But let's fix a a couple terms just to avoid confusion
possible confusion for others.  "Regulator" is usually used
to refer to the pressure regulating device that mounts on
the CO2 tank and steps down the high pressure of the CO2
tank to something stable and usable.

"pH Controller" is usually used to refer to the electronic
sensing and switching device that turns a solenoid valve
(electromagnetic valves) off/on and thereby allow/prevent
CO2 through the gas line.

Solenoids can be worked by timers -- basically, on with the
lights and off with the lights or some variation of that. 
There is a long recent thread on the value of doing this

Solenoids can be controlled by a pH controller, which
senses the pH of the aquarium water and opens the solendoid
when the pH gets above the threshold setting and shuts it
off when it gets below the set threshold.  What you set for
a threshold depends on the KH and what level of CO2 you
want to to have in the water.

If the sensing device senses but does not control, it's
usually called by the term "monitor."

--- Jim Miller <jim at jtmiller_com> wrote:
> I'm under the impression that automatic CO2 regulators
> are really measuring
> pH rather than CO2 concentration. If that is correct then
> blindling relying
> on them without periodically measuring KH would lead to
> over/under CO2
> concentrations.
> Am I correct?

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