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[APD] AGA-2K3 Convention

"AGA-2K3 Convention here I come. I bought tickets for
the field trip.
But where to stay the night of the 13. The promoters
did not set up the
Hotel deal to include this. Marriot price is $199 for
that night. "

	Actually we did reserve rooms for the night of
November 13 but they were already booked by the time
Steve tried to reserve his!

 No worries, I just spoke to my hotel contact and
opened up additional rooms for the night of November
13. You should be able to get this rate by going back
out to the web site tomorrow afternoon.

As you can see we have negotiated an excellent rate
for this hotel. We DO NOT have an unlimited number of
rooms at this rate so please book your hotel now. Free
shuttle from DFW Airport and a 4 diamond rated hotel
are just two more reasons to attend this year's AGA!

Hope to see you all here in Dallas!


Larry Lampert
AGA 2003 Conference Chairman
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