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[APD] Re: onyx sand and peat anti-destratification idea (boolybooly)

>onyx sand and peat anti-destratification >idea
>Some horticulture people use mulching 
>mats from coconut coir material (and as >a light excluder to suppress
weeds) >which will decompose naturally and can >be cut easily, I have
not tried this stuff so >this is just a brainstorm idea. here is a >link
to the kind of thing horticulturists use
>http://www.cxtrade.net/english/mat1.htm, >the mat is not allelopathic
ie not >poisonous to weeds only light shader as >it 

Someone just posted recently that they tried to do a background with
coconut coir and they had problems with it.  I use it  outdoors to line
hanging baskets and I have never seen any roots grow through it, so it
may be too dense to work as a substrate divider.  It does last forever..
I have had the same mats in some wire baskets for 4 years .. I just
leave them sitting out in the garden all winter in New England.  The
wire baskets are rusting away, but the coir is hanging in there!
Anyone have any luck with coir in there tanks???  It would make a great

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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