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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 off at night

I think this may be what has happened to some of my tanks if I let the
floating plants cover the surface. They act as a very efficient "lid" to
keep in any gas that is produced day or night. These tanks have had
environmental parameters that would easily support this condition: soft
water/low KH of around 3 deg., very little surface agitation or
atmosphere/water interface from the filter and continuous CO2 input, even
at night.  

--- Eric

> gbooth at frii_com at gbooth at frii_com wrote:
> > John T. Fitch wrote:
> > 
> >> Sorry, but this is not what happens in my tank.  At night, when there
> >> no CO2 added to my tank, the pH does *not* go "up as CO2 diffuses out
> >> the tank."  The pH goes down from 6.9 (my controller set point) to 6.7
> >> 6.6.  How would this be possible if the *net* flow of CO2 is out of the
> >> tank?
> > 
> > I can't explain this.
> I wonder if this could happen in a heavily planted tank with a relatively
> airtight hood/lid, with relatively small air space, and a heavy fish load,
> thereby creating a situation where nighttime CO2 production is greater
> loss from the tank, but daytime CO2 consumption slightly exceeds
> + production.
> Dan Dixon

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