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[APD] onyx sand and peat anti-destratification idea

Joanne, Have you considered using some sort of fibrous matting as a partial
divider in the substrate? I havent tried it yet but am considering it the
next time I completely replant my aquarium, currently I use horticultural
laterite under the gravel instead but it is working its way up and made me

Matting would need to be fine enough to stop falling sand (or rising peat)
but loose enough to allow growing roots to push through it like filter wool
mat for example(alternatively you can get filter foam mat too). I have a
notion there might be some organic mats that could be viable like a very
coarse loose weave natural fibre *googles* aha ! coir.

Some horticulture people use mulching mats from coconut coir material (and
as a light excluder to suppress weeds) which will decompose naturally and
can be cut easily, I have not tried this stuff so this is just a brainstorm
idea. here is a link to the kind of thing horticulturists use
http://www.cxtrade.net/english/mat1.htm,  the mat is not allelopathic ie not
poisonous to weeds only light shader as it is used for growing turf etc

one drawback over the long term with filter wool is you will have hell
getting well established plants out from the synthetic matting unless you
cut off their roots as that mat won't rot.

If you used a mat it would take some planning & cutting if you wanted the
plant into the peat but otherwise plants could be planted on top of  the mat
and under the sand and allowed to root through the mat into the peat.


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