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[APD] Re: Java Fern plantlets

I've rarely if ever deliberately removed a plantlet from a Java Fern leaf;
they usually end up coming off when I'm changing water and trimming other
plants, or just get knocked off by the fish....at any rate, I find little
plantlets, usually with 2-4 leaves about half an inch to an inch long,
floating in the tank, or sticking to the filter intake cover, or just
getting tangled in other plants.  And when tacked up on the cork, or
maneuvered under another plant's roots or stems around some driftwood,
those little plantlets do more often than not take off.  If I don't have a
use for the right away, I free them from wherever they're stuck or tangled
and let them float until I have a spot to put them....they grow just fine
while floating.  I've had equally good luck on the rare occasion when the
parent leaf is yucky and I just trim away most of it leaving the nice
plantlet attached, and use the bit of old leaf to attach the plantlet to
whatever I want it to root upon.  The same treatment works for all three
types of java fern I've had in my tanks--regular, a slightly round-tipped
and fast growing variety, and the wendelov.

Diane Brown in St. Louis

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