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Re: [APD] AGA-2K3 Convention

I believe it's the busy season for the hotel and the later
one reserves and purchases (guarantees with a cred card
number) one's roomnights, the more likely one is to run
into normal rates as fewer rooms are available for the
special AGA discount rate.

It costs the sponsor to get roomnights promised by the
hotel at a special discount.  The convention sponsor was
lucky enough to get a terrifically low rate for the nights
of the Convention.  But like all good things, sadly, there
are limits.

Scott H.
--- R S Ahl <rsahl at dimensional_com> wrote:
> AGA-2K3 Convention here I come. I bought tickets for the
> field trip.
> But where to stay the night of the 13. The promoters did
> not set up the
> Hotel deal to include this. Marriot price is $199 for
> that night. 

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