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RE: [APD] onyx sand and gravel

Well, I've haven't used Onyx yet but I think it would stratify by gravity
as you mention in your post. Maybe try using the larger stuff in the back
and the sand in the front if you want to use both types.

--- Eric

>   My question is ... is there any benefit to using both and how would I
> do the layering?  I will be using peat as my tap has a high KH, GH and
> pH.  My thinking is that no matter how I layered the sand it would
> eventually work it's way to the bottom ?? and I was hoping for the sand
> look on top.  I will only have one bag of sand  and am not sure, but I
> figure that will give a 2 inch layer in a 10 gal tank, so if I could use
> some of the gravel I could get it a little deeper in the back.  
>   Maybe I will try a coordinating stone background with the extra
> gravel....
> joanne damon

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