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Re: [APD] Cardinal tetras: wild caught?

Whereupon the owner, who was standing nearby, said they were bred, not wild-caught fish, and this was the first time ever he had gotten any. They've been in business for a while, and have the most exotic freshwater stock I've seen in my area. I thought it was worth mentioning.

A couple of years ago I had this same conversation with a guy in a store in this area (Colorado). He said he'd been to the breeding farm (or whatever they call it) in Florida and seen the cardinals there and that was their supplier. Everyone on the list has always sounded so sure that all cardinals are wild caught I figured the guy I spoke to was just an employee and was wrong about what he'd seen or fibbing to me for fun or whatever.

The last cardinals I got were also better looking than any I'd gotten before. I got a dozen and didn't lose any of them. They not only have great color, they seem to me to have shorter and deeper bodies.

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