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[APD] Black Goo/ Another type of virus

Dear all,

Two thigs occured to me today,

1) The black goo growing on the inside of my Eheim hoses appears to be some sort of bacterial film. Now I wonder if the black colouration comes from the bacteria pulling the iron out of the water and oxidising it. Even if they are not, would they be filtering out essential nutrients for my plants? Or would they be absorbing excess amounts of nitrites, phosphates, etc.. and in fact helping the chemical balance of my water?

2) I know there was a push in the 80's for finding viruses which targeted different forms algea as forms of biological control, but they were given up because as soon as one algea was destroyed, another took it's place. I think the reason those projects failed was becasue all of them were on large outdoor scales. Now I wonder if they would be more succesful in developing/ finding viruses as anti-algea agents for aquariums, since they are indoor controled environments with a limited scope of algea types? Would be a whole lot better than the chemicals on the market now, and (hopefully) wouldn't touch the plants.... Anyone have any ideas on this?

- Seweryn

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