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[APD] aquaclear quick filter

I thought I read that the aquaclear quick filter can be filled with your
own media once the cartridge need so be replaced...  This would be a
nice option.  

"I've had very good luck using the reasonably inexpensive Aquaclear
Quick Filter that fits their line of powerheads. It's only about $6-8
and is a great filter. I've found it is almost as good as a diatom
filter for clearing up water too, and lots cheaper. It uses what amounts
to a cylinder of pressed filter floss that goes into a cylindrical cage
that snaps onto a powerhead. Since it can filter down to very fine
partical sizes it will certainly keep fry out of the powerhead, and
since it is fairly long it should spread the suction out enough that the
fry won't get pulled against it either. 
-Bill "

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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