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[APD] Re: Zebras

Having been to the Serengeti in the dry season when the big herds have gone
and only a few stragglers are scattered around, I have a new respect for the
striking vertical patterning of the zebra.

In the dry, especially during the day, the individuals tend to sit under the
shade of the smallish thorn bushes that have most of the leaves stripped off
the lower parts and the pattern and width of stripes almost exactly matches.

I am of the opinion that this is the time when the individual adults are the
most vulnerable and need the protection of their patterning. Usually when
stalking a herd the lioness has already selected an individual to approach.
Of course out on the grasslands the striped pattern doesn't seem at all


Bruce  (Hansen)

President ANGFA Queensland Inc.
Please visit us at www.angfaqld.org.au

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> > . . . .This could serve the function of breaking up
> > their individual
> > profiles, thus preventing the predator from focusing on
> > one fish. This is
> > akin to that of another strikingly coloured and patterend
> > animal, the zebra,
> > which in herds is very difficult to visually isolate
> > individuals.

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