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[APD] RE: using a powerhead for water movement

I have a 10 gal tank with a Aquaclear mini for filtration, no UGF,
sand substrate and a few guppy fry. I would like to add a power head to
move some water. Is there some type of foam prefilter that will fit
over the intake to avoid sucking up the fish or sand??? With the
Aquaclear mini I found that i have to cover the intake with foam to keep
the fry from getting sucked up... I just made a slit in an extra foam
pad and attached it to the intake with an elastic.... very, very ugly!!!
I would also like to replace this.

I've had very good luck using the reasonably inexpensive Aquaclear Quick Filter that fits their line of powerheads. It's only about $6-8 and is a great filter. I've found it is almost as good as a diatom filter for clearing up water too, and lots cheaper. It uses what amounts to a cylinder of pressed filter floss that goes into a cylindrical cage that snaps onto a powerhead. Since it can filter down to very fine partical sizes it will certainly keep fry out of the powerhead, and since it is fairly long it should spread the suction out enough that the fry won't get pulled against it either.


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