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[APD] Re: Cardinal tetras

> >Richard wrote:
> >
> > >> I thought maybe they evolved schooling behaviour as
predator defence
> >because they are so vivid :) ?
> >
> The schooling behaviour is most probably an instinctive
survival tool, which
> goes in hand with the colouring, rather than because of
it. ...>
> - Seweryn

They are so vividly coloured because they evolved from less
colourful schooling fish that started to live in darker
waters. The ones that evolved the brighter colours were the
ones that survived because they could see each other better,
remain in a school, and startle would-be predators.

God created cardinal tetras on the 4th (or 5th day?) so that
He could enjoy their beauty in His 500 gallon planted
aquarium He gardens in heaven.


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