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RE: [APD] using a powerhead for water movement

Try Aquarium Systems Maxi-Jet or Mini-Jet power heads.They sell a small
cylindrical sponge that fits the intake strainer. I also use these on the
Aquaclear filter intakes.

--- Eric

>   I have a 10 gal tank with a Aquaclear mini for filtration, no UGF,
> sand substrate and a few guppy fry.  I would like to add a power head to
> move some water.   Is there some type of foam prefilter that will fit
> over the intake to avoid sucking up the fish or sand???   With the
> Aquaclear mini I found that i have to cover the intake with foam to keep
> the fry from getting sucked up... I just made a slit in an extra foam
> pad and attached it to the intake with an elastic.... very, very ugly!!!
> I would also like to replace this.    

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