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[APD] Re: stem plant stunting

> Tom, have you noticed this behavior in all, most, or some stem plants, and if
> it is the latter, which ones seem to be most susceptible?


A number of stem plants, things like Micrantherum umbrosum are very
susceptible to NO3 levels and Chlorine oddly. Some are more tolerant,
depends on the plant and depends on how long the problem has been going on.
Faster growers seem to have more issues. Some don't grow well unless you add
PO4 or high CO2 etc.

A well fed plant with good nutrient levels/CO2/light etc that has been
growing nicely for a few weeks vs a plant in so-so shape in so-so conditions
are going to give different results over a 1-2 day period.

After 2 days with zero ppm of NO3:
The so-so plant will get holes and cannibalize itself, stop growing etc.
The well fed plant may simply slow down or stop growing.
The gas tank is only half full with the so-so plant, the tank is full with
the well fed plant that has had time to build up reserves(starch/well
supplied cells) etc.

I'll let you guess which gets more attached algae. And which will start
growing well again etc after the NO3 is added back.

Tom Barr    

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