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[APD] Brown algea (??)

Dear peoples,

I have recently noticed a brown growth beggining to appear on the leaves of several of my plants in my newly set up 3' aquarium. As I have only 5 cories in there, I am assuming my nitrate/ite levels are low. I have two 30W bulbs, good water circulation, and have not started CO2 injection yet. I fertilise with flourish tabs and Fe/mineral drops. I have 10 plants in so far, a few of which are quick growing. The only con I can think of is that I used discus buffer to drop down the pH of the water used in changing the tank water. I stopped using it now because it has phosphate buffers (although I do not know if they are in the proper for to be utilised by algea). Does anyone know what is triggering this, and how I can control it (either through water chemistry or biological controls)??

- Seweryn

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