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[APD] RE: Viruses and worms.

Robert Paul Hudson wrote:
> Oh I am not worried about catching a virus.
> I have Norton and I am not stupid enough to
> open emails with attachments. My computer is clean.

Robert & everyone:

It is no longer sufficient to just avoid opening attachments & scanning for
infected files. The Blaster worm spread by exploiting a weakness in
Microsoft Windows 2000 whereby an TCP/IP port could be exploited to gain
control of the system. Many, many people were (or are) infected by the
Blaster worm and the spread has only been halted because the ISPs have begun
blocking traffic for that port. This type of worm spreads extremely

Only a few days ago, Microsoft posted another warning about a very similar
exploitable weakness. You should all ensure that your Win2K, NT & XP systems
are up to date with the latest critical patches.

Sorry for the off-topic SPAM: Just a word to the wise.

Steve P

PS The plural form of virus is virii. Compulsive about Latin. ;-)

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