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[APD] Re: APD list posting volume

From: "Roger Miller" <roger at spinn_net>
> The situation might be ameliorated a little if Mark and Cynthia migrated
> list to a simple, threaded front end.  But that would only be one step.
> other necessary steps might be more difficult. APD needs to change the
> and content of the discussion.  Currently the content covers a narrow
range of
> topics with an increasingly dry and technical tone.  The range of topics
> to be expanded and the level of discussion needs to reach down to the
> level.
> I don't know what is in the future for APD.  There was a time when APD was
> pulse of the planted aquarium hobby in North America.  That isn't true
> APD might continue as is for a long time, providing technical discussions
> an ever-smaller community.  Without changes I don't think that APD will
> again be the diverse and interesting forum that it once was.

I wouldn't complain if the digest was somehow able to organize itself into
threads. You can always go to the archives if you want to read a full thread

I don't think I would miss the newby questions; they seem endlessly
repetitious. Of course, without that source of endless questions, the
experts wouldn't be stimulated to come up with new interpretations or
aspects of old problems.

As for the volume declining, it was getting hard to keep up with the volume
when I dropped out a couple years ago. Only now am I feeling that I'd like a
few more interesting messages in my inbox.

Oh yes, I'm back. BTW, I do have clay fertilizer balls for sale but its not
much of a commercial venture. Is the price too high?

Some days I think about getting out of the aquarium hobby so if anyone is in
the market for a complete high-tech CO2 system (2 outlets or 4 outlets) or a
9' aquarium stand that holds 6 20 gallon tanks or plants or fish, send me an
email. I'm in Vancouver, BC so think twice about shipping costs.

Steve Pushak   in hot & dry Vancouver watching rain clouds roll in
& looking for computer work... <http://home.infinet.net/teban/profile.htm>

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