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[APD] Water Chemistry

Hello peoples,

I just got my tap water chemistry report, and so far it's not too crash hot. The mean pH is 7.9, and the total hardness is 110 mg/L. The city site says that this is considered to be "slighty hard" water. Is this true, and how is this translated to ppm? Is this good for my plants and S.A. fish, or do I need to somehow adjust the hardness? (the's GH, right?). Any other vitals I need to be aware of in my tap water chemistry?

As a side note, I have noticed that in my newly set up 3' tank, my 5 cories (the only fish in so far) are occasionally shooting up to the surface in what looks like swallowing some air. (I have observed this in the evenings). Is this a sign of low oxygen content in my water? (I have 8 healthy looking plants in there, plus good water circulation)
Thanks for the help,
- Seweryn

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