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[APD] RE: Viruses and worms.

"Robert H" said:
<<What I find annoying is the hundreds of email
notifications I am getting saying email I never sent
was undeliverable.>>

Doesn't undeliverable email bounce back to the sender?

Yes, if (1) the email address in the to: field of the message is incorrect, AND (2) the receiving mail server is configured to bounce back such messages. Most of the worms are using addresses pulled from people's address books, and private address books tend to contain primarily good address. The spammer people are the people who have a lot of bad addresses to work with, the worms are starting with almost entirely good addresses.

People who set up the mail servers should learn how
to properly configure the anti-virus features to
avoid situations like this.

This is unfortunately not possible in most cases. I run a high-volume mail server at work with well over 100 active domains. We handle several hundred thousand *legitimate* messages per month, not including the spam we filter. The worms (we bounce an infected message every 1-3 minutes on average) have been forging the headers in the messages in such a way that there is not really any way to determine that the message is not legitimate.

The only real solution to the recent worm problems is for people to keep their systems up to date with security patches, which is very easy to do with features like "Windows Update". It would help if Microsoft would also take security more seriously but they don't have a good track record with that unfortunately.


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