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[APD] Re: hard water

> Is it possible to have hard water with a very low
> amount of magnesium in it?

Yes, but it's often rare (Mg lacking).
Adding a small amount of MgSO4 is easy and cheap and should indicate quickly
if this is the issue or not.
Plants will lack green color if the Mg is not present in large enough
amounts. It's the central metal ion in Chlorophyll. No Mg, no green color
from the pigment.

So adding the MgSO4 should increase coloration of the greens fairly quick,
within a week or so. If not, you need to figure out what else it might be.
I live in North Central FL and the GH is 5. I have not found any issues with
Mg deficiency. Adding a little MgSO4 will not hurt and it's cheap.

> I live in central Florida
> and I believe our aqua fir is mainly limestone.  Would
> that lead to low amounts of magnesium?

  My water out
> of the tap is around a GH of 8.  The only thing I
> haven?t been dosing is Epsom salt since my water is
> already hard out of the tap.  I have been dosing all
> the other fertilizers separately and monitoring them
> with test kits.  I do have good lighting and CO2.
> Still my plants will not grow well.
> Thanks for all replies
> Hal

Tom Barr

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