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Re: [APD] Crystal red tetra

> Hi
> It seems to be a painted fish.

It's not a painted fish.  Someone who is very familiar with
South American fish just told me this:

"it looks like Axelrodia riesei to me. This species was
originally discovered in the upper Rio Meta of  Colombia.
I've never seen it before, but the books say it is a bit
touchy; needs soft & acid water to survive for any length of
time. It is a peaceful schooling fish about the size of a
Neon Tetra. I believe that this is the fish that exporters
have been trying to get out of the wild
for almost 20 years, but they simply die of shock once
netted out of water. They lose their red color unless the
water is soft, acid, & the lighting is subdued. "

Sounds rather difficult to keep.  A lot of Japanese
aquarists are into rare characins, but this fish does not
seem all that rare in Japan evidently, just pricey (I don't
know where Japanese get them from.)


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